1. Företagsinformation

www.brolla.se is provided by Hills of Sweden AB (BROLLA) with Org number 559119-3536. Information & images on the website are owned by the company or partner and may not be copied without permission.

2. Priser

All prices stated on the website include Swedish VAT of 12% (food). Fees and taxes can be levied by the authorities in the recipient country depending on the legislation of that country. Such fees shall be paid by the customer.BROLLA may not inform the customer of these fees as the customer is responsible for the administration and payment of such fees.

We reserve the right to update prices and promotional prices at any time.


Payment is made through the selected payment method at checkout. The payment method is provided by BROLLA together with partners.

4. Kortbetalning

Card payment is accepted by Visa and MasterCard. Debit of your debit card takes place immediately. Payment methods Paypal and Swish.

5.Faktura & delbetalning

In collaboration with Klarna, we offer invoices and installments. The service is based on a one-time credit that enables an easy and secure payment of your purchases via invoice or partial payment. More information and complete terms and conditions about Klarna payment methods can be found at Klarna.se

För att kunna använda tjänsten måste du vara minst 18 år gammal.

A credit check is made in connection with the time of purchase, which means that a credit report is obtained. Credit information taken by Klarna does not affect your creditworthiness and can not be seen by others who request credit information about you, such as banks. In the event of late or non-payment, a late fee and default interest will be charged.

6. Frågor kopplade till din faktura eller delbetalning

Klarna’s customer service is happy to help you with all questions concerning your invoice or partial payment. Contact us by phone on 08-120 120 10

7. Frakt & Fraktmetoder

Fri frakt inom Stockholm. Alla priser är listade exklusive fraktkostnader. Fraktkostnaden läggs till i priset och betalas av kunden. Fraktkostnaden meddelas vid beställning.

8. Leveranser

Our ambition is to send your order as soon as possible. See selected shipping method for estimated number of delivery days. Remember that the delivery time can be longer during periods of high sales and in connection with public holidays.

At checkout, you see exactly which prices and delivery methods apply to your particular order.

9. Cookies

En cookie är en textfil som skickas från en websida till din dator där den lagras antingen i minnet (session cookies) eller som en liten textfil (textbaserade cookies). Cookies används för att lagra t.ex. inloggningsinformation eller din kundvagn när du surfar runt på olika webbplatser. Om din webbläsare är inställd på att inte acceptera cookies kommer du inte ha möjlighet att göra någon beställning på vår sida. Du kan lätt ändra detta under inställningar i din webbläsare. Observera att vi inte använder cookies för att spara personlig information om dig

10. Hur gör jag en reklamation?

Should you receive a defective product, incorrectly delivered product, a product too much or too little, or if your product has broken down due to a production error, we of course want to help you as soon as possible.
Email the information below to our support:
– E-mail address
where the purchase was registered – Order number
– Customer name
– Attach image
Our customer service will get back to you as soon as they can.

11. Personuppgiftsbehandling

In order to receive, handle and deliver your order, HiLLS of SWEDEN AB (BROLLA) will process your personal data. All our processing of personal data takes place in accordance with current personal data legislation. You can read more about how we process your personal data under Appendix 1 , Personal data processing .

12. Force Majeure

Force Majeure such as war, extensive labor dispute, blockade, fire, environmental disaster, serious spread of infection or other extent beyond the control of a party and which prevent a party from fulfilling its obligations and release a party from it. Such exemption applies provided that the business cannot be conducted under these conditions either. The other party shall be notified immediately of the circumstances which may apply this provision

13. Tvister & lagar

Swedish law shall apply to all purchases in accordance with these terms and conditions. Disputes regarding purchases in accordance with these terms and conditions shall be tried exclusively by a Swedish general court.

14. Kontakt & Kundtjänst

Contact information for us can be found HERE brollavegan@gmail.com